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Marine Gold features for over 20 years experiences in sweet corn farming.
Our services are personalized and we emphasize results through implementation and customer satisfaction.Our open and interactive working relationship with our buyers, has earned Marine Gold a reputation as being honest, responsive and innovative manufacturer, with fresh and versatile ideas towards attaining the desired results for your own business.The food processing industry ensures customers a steady supply of fresh and frozen processed food products, with freshness and quality that last.The company's operation is guided by its mission "to provide consumers with FRESH, CLEAN & HYGIENIC products," meeting the highest quality standards.

Barbeque Machine

Self-rotating and continuous-operation rotisserie oven for fast and live barbecue
Ideal for : 
Bar, Pub, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food Court, Self-Service Store, Gas Station , Beer Garden, Karaoke Bar, Disco, Fast Food Shop, Catering, Coffee Shop, Theme Park…etc.
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Corn Steamer

Specially designed for steaming at proper serving temperatures, ideal for any food service Kiosk, Cinema, Bar Pub, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food Court, Self-Service Store, Gas Station, Beer Garden, Karaoke Bar, Disco, Fast Food

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Multi Function Kiosk

The Mascorn Kiosk counter is specially designed for you by Marine Gold Marketing Sdn Bhd . We offer three differnce option of kiosk setting that lcome portable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver all-over Malaysia. If you want to check if and when we would deliver to your postcode contact us and we will get straight back to you. You can also collect at office.

Is there an extra delivery charge?

No, we do not apply a delivery charge. The delivery of product to your door is included in the price of your order.

Why if I put in an order can I not have it delivered immediately?

Our deliveries are done on a ‘round’ basis which helps to maximize efficiency so your post code will determine which delivery round you fit in to and determine which day each week a delivery would be made to your area.

What if I am not at home to receive your delivery?

The majority of our customers are either not at home or in bed when their goods are delivered. When you order just let us know if there is a good place to leave your order, our drivers are used to following all sorts of instructions.

What should I do with my defect after delivery?

We would be happy to support your order. Please contact our support immediately.